In the beginning - there was the old Singer sewing machine and the tea

We all have many different chapters in our lives - those chapters come together to form the story that is uniquely our own. My story began this way....

Chapter 1 - Learning to Sew
My grandfather was a practical man. As a child in his home - you quickly learned that if you were the closest person to a job needing doing - you were ideally suited to the task. With some instruction from him - I quickly mastered the old Singer sewing machine and creating new cushion covers, deck chair covers and drapes became my task (loved it).

Chapter 2 - Discovering Tea
I come from a family of coffee drinkers - there was always an old percolator on the stove - brewing up huge quantities of coffee - day and night. I never appreciated that particular smell ( I know most other people do) and I appreciated the taste - even less than the smell. At some point a copper colored round can of tea appeared in the kitchen. Boston Tea Party Orange Spice - I was hooked after one mug full. Who knew a hot beverage could taste (and smell) that good!

Chapter 3 - Career Choices
As a frequent business traveler for most of my adult life, I've had the opportunity to travel to and work in many interesting places. I sampled the tea everywhere I went but at the end of each day I enjoyed having a cup or two of my own favorite tea from home. My favorite teas went everywhere I did - usually in a plastic zip bag. The bag did not always hold up to the task - and sometimes my tea would be all over the inside of my carry on bag (just imagine explaining that at a customs check point - I've had that moment). I solved the problem by designing a Tea Bag Travel Wallet to carry my tea. No more random tea leaves in my luggage.

Chapter 4 - One Door Closes and Another Opens
Stuff happens. It became clear to me that working for one large corporation was pretty much the same as working for another - and I decided I was done with it. Time to make a new plan.

Chapter 5 - A Business is Born
The Tea Bag Travel Wallet found a receptive audience - soon I was making more of them than I ever imagined. It was joined by several other original designs for cozies and appliance covers and before I knew it - I was in business.

Chapter 6 - Every Quilter's Dream
As my business has grown - I've added shelves full of beautiful fabrics and one business became two - Quilter's Corner Store is my newest venture. I get to spend my day working with and around beautiful fabrics, tools, notions and more. It's more fun than I ever thought I'd have at work.

Chapter 7 - And the Story Continues
What comes next ? I can't wait to find out!

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